A couple years ago in 2011, in Mexico City I started to play on slacklines; at that time, this was something new which made me become one of the pioneers of the sport , with time I develop more my practice with the line, and with a group of friends, we started the first community of this practice in Mexico City and we named it "Tenochtitline"


I'm passionated about the idea of balance in life, is something I have looked for, this quest brought me to have a lifestyle that could be consider as "alternative" and it has let me travel and participate in diferent highline festivals in different countries, where I have participated as an acrobath or instructor. Nowadays i keep travelling and I spend most of my time to spread the interest in the fundamentals of Yoga applied to the Acroyoga and Slackline techniques.

My goal is to keep learning about balance through the exploration of the interrelation body-mind and movement. Looking for expand the community spirit though playful times that inspire people to live their lives freely and happy.




Breathing, meditation and movement in harmony. 


Finding balance in every step


Connect, and  find your inner  alignment to align with others .

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Sharing my path has helped me to improve in my walk, because coexisting is co.creating.
Theres is no day in life that I'm not grateful for each one of my fingers, my feet, my ankles, my eyes and all this universe that conforms me. I want my body to be the tool of inspiration, transformation and motivation to those who surround me, through the union with my mind so that it works in a clear, calm and peaceful way that allows me to see and valorate my reality each day, that my steps never cease to follow the path with the heart and that this leads to my being to where someday I have to arrive with a satistafction in my spirit of it's journey in this world, ready to transcend.


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